magento search autocomplete

Magento Search Autocomplete

Using the methods metioned below, you will be able to create a magento search autocomplete for magento 1 and magento 2 stores. We will be discussing two methods one using magento search autocomplete plugin the plugin and the other without any plugin.

magento search autocomplete

Magento Search Autocomplete for M1 stores

Using the autocomplete plugin

  1. Download the autocomplete plugin  from Zip file from here.
  2. Log in to your Admin Panel.
  3. Navigate through System >> Magento Connect >> Magento Connect Manager.
  4. Log in to the Magento Connect Manager with your admin Username and Password.
  5. In the Extension tab >> Click on upload zip file and click proceed.
  6. Once the extension gets installed, press refresh.
  7. You will be now able to see the new magento autocomplete plugin similar to the image below.magento autocomplete

Magento autocomplete or M2 Stores

  1. For magento 2 stores, Add the magento autocomplete extension from here.
  2. go to System>Web Setup Wizard:
  3. go to System Configuration:
  4. Input your public access key and private access key, then Save.
  5. Go To Component Manager: The expertrec extension should now be shown here.
  6. Click Install.
  7. Now you will be able to see the autocomplete in your magento 2 store. magento search autocomplete

Magento search autocomplete using custom search

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your magento 2 wesbite URL
  3. Enter you magento 2 sitemap URL.
  4. Wait for crawl to complete.
  5. Add the search box code to your magento 2 website.
  6. Upgrade to a paid plan and take live to get a search experience as shown below.
  7. magento search autocomplete

Add Custom Search to your Website


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