Magento has moved from 1 to 2, but their search is still the same. Not so great. Here are steps to fix your magento 2 search not working issue.

It is also recommeded that you replace your magento 2 search with expertrec’s search for magento 2 sites.

Create a magento 2 custom search engine
  • Reindex magento 2 data- Go to system->Index management -> Select all->Actions-> Update on save/add-search-to-website/
  • Flush magento 2 cache– Go to system->Cache management->Flush magento cache.
  • Set the minimal query length to 1 in the catalog search – Go to Stores-> settings->configuration->catalog-> Set minimal query length to 1. Also set the maximum query length to 128magento 2 search not working
  • Create a magento 2 custom search engine- If the search is still not working after these changes, create a magento 2 custom search engine using expertrec. Here are the steps
    • Go to
    • Enter your website URL.
    • Enter your sitemap URL if you have created one.
    • Wait for crawl to complete.
    • Add code to your magento 2 website.
    • Take live.
    • Upgrade to a paid plan (prices begin at 9 USD per month)

Magento 2 custom search @ 9 USD per month

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