How to create a yandex custom search

How to create a yandex custom search

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Yandex custom search is a fast and free way to add a custom search engine to your website.

Yandex custom search comes with the following features-

  1. Word morphology. (Yandex understands the intent behind the search query rather than just doing text matches).
  2. Synonyms-
  3. Customizable settings. ( You can edit the look and feel of the search engine, add your own CSS).
  4. Search suggestions. (Autocomplete feature to help users find what they are searching for in minimal keystrokes).
  5. Constraints.
  6. Statistics.
    yandex custom search

Here are steps to create a Yandex custom search

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with or create a Yandex account.
  3. Give a technical name for your search engine.
  4. Under the search area, add sites to search.
  5. Edit the search form design. You can also edit the search placeholder text from “Yandex” to whatever you want to.Yandex custom search
  6. Display results – You can choose to show the search results on a particular URL. If not, search results will be taken to Yandex.Yandex custom search
  7. You can also edit the main page properties.
  8. The search results feature helps in editing the number of search results to be shown  and edit the look and feel of the search results pageYandex custom search
  9. Sort By- You can choose to edit sort search results by date or by relevance.
  10. Code- In the code section, you get the code that has to be added to your website to take a live Yandex custom search.Yandex custom search
  11. Search query statistics- You can see the top search statistics in your website.Yandex custom search
  12. Synonyms– You can add search synonyms. For example, if no (or only a few) documents contain the word “marriage”, the search will offer documents with the word “wedding”. You can add your own synonyms to the search base characteristic of your site and users. In the left column, add the words in question, and in the right column insert the synonyms from the site pages.Yandex custom search
  13. Constraints- This will add filters to your website for users to filter the search results (for example- PDF, image etc)yandex custom search

Create a custom Yandex Search

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