Google has become notorious for shutting down their products.  Often one is stranded and feels cheated.  Hey, don’t worry.  you have come to the right place to find a list of alternatives you could use instead of

url shortner shutdown shutting down

1. Bitly

bitly url shortner

Bitly is one of the most popular and easy shorteners out there. Just paste a link into the text box on Bitly’s home page, click the “Shorten” button.  You get a copy button too to copy the url.

This is what I got, shortening


The link shortener is free, but you will need to create a Hootsuite account to use it. The service lets you shorten links, measure traffic, and much more, although it doesn’t have all the features offered by paid plans.

I didn’t bother creating a Hootsuite account, so sorry, no images for owly.  I have placed it higher than tinyurl solely because Google blog mentioned as an alternative to  Showing some respect for the team’s advice.

3. TinyURL

This is what I got from tinyurl for


If you really not bothered about making it tiny, but more like you want a redirect to clean some referer, you could use other means.  Here are some tumblr links I created for and

Our Blog page.

Our home page. is not going to come back unless we cross the speed of light to meet a higher order being.

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