Gartner predicts 30% Screenless searches by 2020

Gartner predicts 30% Screenless searches by 2020

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Gartner in a report published in 2017 predicted that 30% of searches will happen through screenless devices. For the tech companies, this translates to more voice search hits to their search engines. In their report, Gartner says that ”

Gartner predicts 30% Screenless searches by 2020

Being Prepared

This means that people will be using technology such as Amazon Echo, Google assistant, Earpods, smart lighting systems, and smart speakers to do searches. More and more people will not be using their eyes or hands to search. Some of these queries could be “reduce the volume”, “Change the song” or “Turn off the light”. This brings in the need for improved voice search experiences, faster search response times, better machine learning, and better Natural language search understanding.

This could be a huge change for advertisers as well. When you don’t have a screen as in the case of Alexa or google echo, how do you show ads? Marketers at Google, Bing, and Amazon will have to come up without of box ad placement methods in the future. With the current privacy concerns, this could become more and more difficult.

But still, more and more tech companies will try to grab their share in the screenless search market so that they get the first-mover advantage.

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