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Developers always look for tools that can decrease the burden on their shoulders. One such magical tool for them is the Search Replace DB version 3.1.0. This version has many features that make it outstandingly popular among the developers.


One unique feature of this version is its user-friendly approach especially in database-wide search and replace actions. Such operations often create a problem for the developer as they tend to damage PHP serialized objects or strings.

But, the Search Replace DB version 3.1.0 removes even this headache of the developers. It ensures minimum and more often than not no damage to the PHP strings. Besides this it also helps in:

  • Safety checks that are done to ensure no deletion takes place when installed incorrectly.
  • It has removed mysql_ functions and replaced them with mysqli_.
  • There is a JavaScript popup that arrives to confirm Delete Me.
  • There is an enhanced JS preview in case of dry runs. With the preview, the right pane will be in a position to show the most accurate data. Also, it is important to note that if serialized strings are present, then highlights will not be displayed.



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