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2 ZOMBICIDERULESZombicide is a cooperative game where players face
hordes ….. form a single Search Action per turn, even if it's an extra, free. Action.
Zombicide's beauty lies in its simplicity and hack-and-slash mentality. It also
lends itself very well to house rules. While I don't want to make it …
zombicide search rules
A Survivor can perform only a single Search Action per turn, even if it's a free …
As per the targeting priority rules, all targets of lower priority must be eliminated.
Is it possible to search twice in the same room (by another survivor or in the …
unless you have a power or a scenario rule that says otherwise.
Looking for some killer variants for Zombicide? … Searching for an item is a risk (
as a zombie can appear when looking for a useful item) but …
Players should agree which house rules are in effect during any game. Rules in
… You are not restricted to 1 search action per turn though- search as often as …
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4 ANGRY NEIGHBORS – RULES …. otherwise), all rules affect Zombivors the
same way they do ….. +1 free Search Action – The Survivor has one extra free.
Zombie behavior is managed by a deck of cards and simple rules: zombies move
toward survivors they can see or toward the noisiest area. 00 equipment cards.
Hearing that Black Plague had ruled this stupid rule out, I got … house ruling not
being able to search the same area more than once or twice.

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