Read z3x searching server… error for more information.

z3x searching server… error is an error message occurring while you’re downloading Samsung firmware from the Samsung tool pro using a z3x toolbox. There’s a pop-up showing this error if you try to download Samsung firmware. This is all about the searching server error on z3x.


The next question- “Why does it occur?” This error occurs due to an unknown problem arising while connecting to the server to download the Samsung firmware. There is a quick method to resolve this error.

  • Instead of opening the Samsung tool, open z3x shell. In the z3x shell, go to the support files, where you’ll see a folder named ‘Samsung files’.
  • Open the folder, and then proceed towards expanding the firmware folder.
  • Now, type the model number in the search bar present on the top of the window.
  • As soon as you click, your firmware will start downloading.
  • Thus, the z3x searching server error will not pop up.

Here is a YouTube video that will show you the complete procedure on how to fix it ?


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