z3x Samsung tool is undoubtedly one of the best tools launched by Samsung till date. It has been designed specifically for unlocking and flashing all the Samsung tablets and smartphones. It supports all the Samsung android devices.


Its user can easily repair Imei, reset sim number, fix the serial number, and remove all the Bluetooth problems. Moreover, it is highly equipped in removing lock codes on Samsung tablets or smartphones.

Why Does z3x Samsung Tool Throw a Modem and How to Fix it?

Samsung phones with z3x tools often throw a modem which has to be fixed. z3x searching Samsung modem detects COM415. COM415 reads the information on the phone. It is applicable for Samsung models with the AP version.

If you want to fix the modem thrown by z3x tool, then you can follow these steps:

  • ·         Connect the phone to a USB port.
  • ·         Next, uninstall Samsung Mobile USB Modem.
  • ·         Now disconnect the phone from a USB port.
  • ·         Download Samsung Android USB Driver for Windows and install it.
  • ·         Again, connect the phone to the USB port.
  • ·         Wait for the drivers to be installed.
  • ·         Ensure that no other software is trying to connect to your phone.

For further information, click on this link: 

Read z3x searching samsung modem for more information.

solved reading data from phone error z3x SM-J710F Unlock Problem fix this
solution also work on all samsung 2016 edition phone z3x tools …Searching Samsung modem… detected COM415 Reading phone info… Model:
SM-J320W8 AP version: FA60_J320W8VLU2APJ1z3x searching samsung modem All Solution Are free. Please Donate And Support Us https://goo.gl/tgJyYp More
Solution Upcoming… Subscribe To Mr.Solution …Searching Samsung modem… detected COM109 Reading phone info. … J120AZ
6.0.1 Binary 5 Successfully Unlocked by Z3X 1. Read Info: 2. ztool not found for selected model done with samsung tool pro v.24.3 Hindi Urdu
ztool not found for selected model solution media fire link …SAMSUNG USB Modem free download. Get the latest version now. SAMSUNG
USB Modem. modem file http://linkshrink.net/7zcHan. … Samsung G935f unlock Z3X try
downgrade if possible ! Galaxy S7 EDGE Unlock Z3X Samsung Tool.Selected port: COM94 SAMSUNG Mobile USB Serial Port Selected port speed:
115200. Searching Samsung modem… not found. Done with Samsung Tool v.Tematy o modem samsung zdjęcie simlocka, Samsung S5620 – Zdjęcie simlocka
, Samsung F480 zdjęcie Simlocka., Samsung SM-G950U1 S8 – Z3x zdjęcie
simlocka, Zdjęcie SimLocka w Samsungu … Searching Samsung USB Modem. Modem board: MSM8996 RF cal date: 2016.09.05. IMEI: Writing AT RIL… Ok
Initialization AT RIL… Ok Unlocking… Ok Rebooting phone… Ok

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