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Read wpresidence advanced search not working for more information.

Wpresidence search

Advanced Search in WPREsidence is an important feature and sometimes when you are not redirected to the Advanced Search results, then you may feel stuck up. The situation may arise due to the installation of the wrong theme.

                        WiResidence Advanced Search

Here, in this article, you will know about how to set up the Advanced Search and what to do in case it is not working. You can also enable or disable the Advanced Search from all the header types. Also, you can ensure if the Advanced Search which you are using has some kind of security or not.

For solving most of your problems, you need to look into the 9 types of Advanced Search forms. These forms are customizable and can work with the default fields. Moreover, WP Residence also offers a custom Advanced Search. The WP Residence add-on for WP all import makes it easy for you to carry on a bulk import of your property listings.

                   Wpresidence search

But sometimes, you may also face a scenario when you see something like WP Residence Advanced Search not working. Also, you must know that WP Residence 1.11 applied to all the Advanced Search pages. This option also tends to work with Property title since we allow this field to work with AJAX search also.

Add Search to your Website

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WordPress advanced search plugin is a great upgrade to your existing search. WordPress advanced search plugin widget helps you to add advanced search features like advanced search form to your existing search bar. These  advanced search plugin also add features like search auto suggest and search form autocomplete. See WordPress ajax search autosuggest plugin download to get ajax search lite plugin. 

Here is more information on WordPress plugin search and filter


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