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) #404 (Not Found). Likewise, 404 template files are called in this order: 404.php;
index.php. Top ↑
This big plugin and does not even follow WordPress template hierarchy. All
contents are … This means single-*.php and archive-*.php does not work. And
also …
wordpress template hierarchy not working
I faced the same problem and just solved the issue after spending … the index.
php and not the single-post_type template, make sure you're not …
The WordPress Template Hierarchy. … modifier of WordPress sites, and we'll talk
about how to work with it and (very briefly) how it works. …. Not much more.
It is final choices in all branches of template hierarchy and will be picked when ….
If home.php does not exist, WordPress will use index.php.
Knowing what the WordPress template hierarchy is and how it … Most WordPress
pages require several template files in order to work, including the following: … If
that file isn't available, the platform will fall back to home.php.
WordPress template hierarchy explained for beginners … do not exist, then
WordPress falls back to index.php template to display homepage.
The template hierarchy dictates how WordPress deals with five main …. to work
as WordPress will fall back to it when displaying content not …
In this scenario, using the Template Hierarchy, WordPress will … posts index is
the home.php template file, and not a custom page template.
Template Hierarchy does not work with multiple post types … This will force the
templating hierarchy to use "archive.php" instead of either "archive-event.php" or

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