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Description. Retrieves the permalink for the current page (if in The Loop) or any
arbitrary page ID if passed as the first argument. All arguments are optional.
get_page_link() retrieves the permalink of that page ID you passed as … You can
simply link to the page in the HTML body of the home page.
wordpress page id link
If you are not using Permalinks, how do you link to your posts, categories and
Pages? Using the numeric values such as Post ID, Category ID and Page ID, you
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-ALHSg?sub_confirmation=1 Website: …
Retrieves the permalink for the current page or page ID. … (int|WP_Post) (
Optional) Post ID or object. … File: wp-includes/link-template.php …
Don't know where to find a WordPress Post or Page ID? … visit the Edit screen in
your dashboard, and locate the ID number shown in the URL.
Note that when used outside The Loop on a posts page (index, archive, etc.)
without the ID parameter, it will return the URL of the last post in The Loop, not
the …
Page jumping is where you click a link and instantly get moved somewhere
further up or … Also, be sure to use a different ID for each target that you create.
You're probably getting that error because WordPress doesn't have the $
wp_rewrite global loaded yet for some reason. Either something …
Clicking to find the page id. The Page ID is hidden in the URL. Look for post= and
the number to the right of it is your Page ID. In the image …

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