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The following code does the job for automatic login, without any password! … No
need to set any cookie, it uses the WordPress API: /** * Programmatically logs a
user in * * @param string $username * @return bool True if the …
Checks a users login information and logs them in if it checks out. This function is
wordpress login programmatically
The simplest fix is to use wp_login_form() see reference: http://codex.wordpress.
org/Function_Reference/wp_login_form If i understand …
wp_set_current_user, wp_set_auth_cookie to programmatically login user dont
work … WP Codex to programmatically login users for a sort of SSO for a client
site. …
single- …
Programmatically Sign-on a WordPress User. I came across a post … @return
bool True if the login was successful; false if it wasn't. */. function …
Programmatically logs a user in. *. * @param string $username. * @return bool
True if the login was successful; false if it wasn't. */. function programmatic_login(
How To Log-in A WordPress User Programmatically. J By Editorial
Staff in Featured, WordPress 0 … wp_set_current_user( $user_id, $user_login );.
When building WordPress based websites, it can be very useful to know how to
programmatically log in an user. Here is a reusable function to …
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Description. This function can be replaced via plugins. If plugins do not redefine
these functions, then this will be used instead. Changes the current user by ID or

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