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A Meta Search Engine is a type of search engine that gives results based on a combination of results from other search engine databases. Meta search engines take input from a user and simultaneously send out queries to third party search engines for results. There are dozens of metasearch engines across the Internet, and Dogpile is one prominent example. The fundamental benefit of using a metasearch engine is rather obvious: you get much more information than you would be using in a standard search engine.


  • Dogpile ―  a compilation of results from all the major search engines.
  • Ithaki ―  aggregated results to be ranked by an internal algorithm.
  • Polymeta ―  a super-intelligent metasearch engine that can recognize colloquial language and uses an algorithm to organize results.
  • SearchSalad ―  a combination of search engine results and information from all the major review websites.
  • Seekz ―   produces the most relevant results and removes all duplicates.

The Meta Search Engines in other languages like Hindi use a translation feature but internally use the same algorithms to compute data and results.

A meta search engine is a type of search engine that gives results based on a
combination of results from other search engine databases. It specializes in …The definition of Meta Search Engine defined and explained in simple language.what is meta search engine in hindi“Architecture of a Metasearch Engine that Supports User Information Needs” (
PDF). Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Information … Please Support LearnEveryone Channel,Small Contribution shall help us to put
more content for free: Patreon …3 जनवरी 2018 Meta Search Engine वे प्रोग्राम होते है जो खोजी जा रही query को
एक साथ कई Search Engines पर प्रस्तुत करते है, और …12 सितंबर 2018 What is Search Engine in Hindi: क्या आपको पता है Search Engine
मिलता है तो वो उसे Back-end processing (page title, meta tag, …ये वह Program होते है जो Search की गई Query को एक साथ बहुत से
Search Engine पर Show करते है यह Search …A metasearch engine (or aggregator) is a search tool that uses another search
engine’s data to … The first person to incorporate the idea of meta littling was
Colorado State University’s Daniel Dreilinger. He revealed SearchSavvy, which
let …Meta search engines are search engines using other search engines. Meta
searchers usually don’t maintain their on own crawling …Metadata is “data [information] that provides information about other data”. Many
distinct types …. Metatags were being largely misused to trick search engines into
thinking some websites had more relevance in the search than they really did.

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