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Tubidy is a search engine for music audio and video.  It helps you discover the audio and music videos quickly from your mobile.  It is ideal for mobile consumption.

When a search engine is built for a particular vertical it is called a vertical search engine.  Expertrec is a search engine that can be used to power various verticals like websites, products, music audio and more.

Let us see how we can use Expertrec to build your music search engine.  Say you have tons of MP3s with you and you are hosting them on your website for your viewers to play them.  You will have to create additional useful information about each track.  For example, you will put in who sang, what was the name of the album, when this was released, etc.  This additional data is called meta-data.  Think through all the attributes that a person searching for music might use and put this data in a place like a spreadsheet or DB.  To use Expertrec search, you can dump the track URLs along with this data in a CSV or JSON file.

Expertrec will provide you an API key, which can be used in the search API to get your search results.  If your website needs a search, you can directly embed the Expertrec JS and theme your search from our control panel.  For the mobile web, the same approach will work.  For mobile native apps on android/iPhone and you can either use the API to build your own UI, or talk to us for an SDK.



Tubidy indexes videos from internet and transcodes them into MP3 and MP4 to
be played on your mobile phone.

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