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Zenos 1 year ago. I used the Google Search add-on. It creates its own
searchplugins folder into which you can put the ddg xml file. 0; Avinash
Sonawane 1 year …
Adding a custom search engine in Thunderbird is tricky and prone to errors.
Follow the steps here to access your favorite search engine from …
thunderbird custom search engine
Customize Thunderbird with add-ons, plugins, and extensions … steps are still
potentially relevant however for installing other search engines.
Create a searchplugins directory in the Thunderbird profile directory, and copy …
This file let you use Google as search engine in thunderbird.
Thunderbird will show the search results in your default browser. … By default,
Bing is set as the search engine. To change it, do the following:.
Download Custom Search Engine for Firefox. To use, type 'ms' plus keyword for
custom search engines & search term separated by spaces …
Summary: Attempt to add custom search engine (DuckDuckGo) has no effect in
Thunderbird 45 → Attempt to add custom search engine (DuckDuckGo) has no …
Download mozlz4-edit for Firefox. The addon lets you add custom search
engines to the Mozilla Firefox without the Internet connection using!
But the referenced Google search plugin only works up to Thunderbird 31, and
my version 60 will not install it. Is there an update to the …
Not just for making shorthand for bookmarks but also for searches and … be used
to create shortcuts for your favorite search engines too (the …

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