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The good news is, just because Safari lacks custom search engines out of the
box, it doesn't mean you can't add them in other ways. In this …
There's currently no way to add custom search engines or search … To use other
search engines, install the AnySearch extension for Safari …
set custom search engine safari
The Safari Extension anysearch allows you to change the search engine used by
the Safari search bar/unibar, without any hack-ish stuff such …
Here's how to switch default search engines in OS X and iOS. … Safari: Choose
Safari > Preferences, and then click Search. … Additionally, if you set Google as
your default search engine, you can enable voice search; …
Safari extension to use a custom search engine in the Safari address bar, or
disable … In the Safari Preferences, you can set one of four different search
engines: …
Ever want to change your default search engine to something other than Google,
Bing or Yahoo? … They provide detailed instructions here on how to set up your
…. You can setup as many custom search engines as you like.
I wonder if there is a way to set a custom default search engine (even if it requires
using a Terminal or Switching to Developer version).
Improvements to the CustomSearch popover accessed via the toolbar, … (Safari
6+) You can now set your own Default Search to be used instead of Safari's …
If you prefer a search engine other than Google, Bing, or Yahoo, you can add it to
Safari on iOS with this jailbreak hack.
Safari lets you change the system-wide default for search engine, but … You can
create a custom search service in Automator with a paste and …

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