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The LIKE operator is used in a WHERE clause to search for a specified pattern in
Select all records where the value of the City column starts with the letter "a".
To run the sample queries, you also have to set up Full-Text Search. … USE
AdventureWorks2012 GO SELECT Name, ListPrice FROM …
searching query in sql
SELECT column1, column2, . … Note: The WHERE clause is not only used in
SELECT statement, it is also used in UPDATE, … LIKE, Search for a pattern, Try it.
Select * from table where charindex(search_criteria, name) > 0 … Let's say you
wanted to search for a % or a _ character in the SQL LIKE …
Using SQL to search for specific data in all tables and all columns of a database
is far … Use SQL that queries the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.
This page allows you to directly submit a SQL (Structured Query Language)
query to the SDSS database server. You can modify the default query as you
wish, …
Searching Tables with 'WHERE'. 7:27 with Andrew … SELECT <columns> FROM
<table> WHERE <column name> = <value>;. Examples:
SQL pattern matching allows you to search for patterns in data if you don't know
the exact word or phrase you are seeking. This kind of SQL …
Use the LIKE operator (instead of the = operator) to build a partial string search.
For example, this expression would select Mississippi and Missouri among …
To do a string search similar to the one performed by the $ function, use a
statement like: SELECT * from customer WHERE company like …

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