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Instead of putting your data inside the DB, you can keep them as a set of
documents (text files) separately and keep the link (path/url etc.) in the …
The Rapid7 Project Sonar datasets are amazing resources. They represent
scans across the internet, compressed and easy to download.
searching large data sets
Proteomics search software with integrated calibration, PTM discovery, bottom-up
, top-down and LFQ capabilities – smith-chem-wisc/MetaMorpheus.
Yesterday, as everyone is reporting, Google launched Google Dataset Search. A
way to search datasets from environmental and social …
If you are importing very large datasets into MicroStrategy Desktop, you can
divide the … You can create search indexes on any attributes in your dataset.
DAME: Searching Large Data Sets Within a Grid-Enabled Engineering
Application. Abstract: The use of search engines within the Internet is now
Search Rankings in Google may be influenced by user behavior information
involving large data sets.
I agree you are never going to be happy with a PowerApps app that is using a
SharePoint list with 17,000 items. That type of solution is going to …
Learn strategies for large data indexing or computationally intensive indexing
through batch mode, resourcing, and techniques for scheduled, …
This research investigates the feasibility of using visual representations for the
searching and browsing of large, complex, multimedia data sets. This paper …

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