Read searching for objects by attribute value for more information.

Running it on Google infrastructure offers reliability and cost savings. Searching
for objects by attribute value: Vision API. Cloud Datalab. Cloud BigTable.
I needed to find Generic Objects based on attribute values. vmdb_production=# \
d generic_objects; Table "public.generic_objects" Column …
searching for objects by attribute value
App Engine's Search API operates through an Index object. …. geopoint in a
document, you need to add a GeoField field with a GeoPoint object set as its
value. …. The number_found property is set to the number of hits found.
Something simple like this should work: var testObj = { test: 'testValue', test1: '
testValue1', test2: { test2a: 'testValue', test2b: 'testValue1' } …
At this time, the two rule sets exclude the same objects, attributes, and attribute
values from its search. This may change in future releases.
To find the maximum y value of the objects in array : Math.max.apply(Math, array.
map(function(o) { return o.y; })).
Description: Selects elements that have the specified attribute with a value
exactly … Finds all inputs with a value of "Hot Fuzz" and changes the text of the
next …
Is this what you are looking for? for l in listoftweets: if l.ID == "###": # ID to be
matched print("List does contain specified ID") break.
When the program polls for changes, it can search Active Directory for all objects
whose uSNChanged attribute value is larger than the value …
$haystack = array($obj1, $obj2, …); //some array of objects $needle = 'looking for
me?'; //the value of the object's property we want to find //carry …

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