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Search all your business data spread across Zoho suite of applications like Mail,
CRM, Desk, Docs & More. No more switching between multiple apps.
Learn to search records alphabetically, by information or by criteria.
search zoho
Information on the various options available in the Zoho Mail search, and
detailed instructions on using it.
There are different search options available in Zoho CRM. They are: Search for
records by Alphabets – Filters out records within a module by clicking the.
Customize the search results layout to include the related lists that you want to
see for your search results.
Semantic Search uses a matching algorithm to filter or shortlist the most relevant
candidates for a job opening, saving you the time spent searching manually.
Learn how to work with reports to group, sort and filter data. Set permissions to
give selective permission to people in Zoho Creator. Sign Up for …
Search for a ticket from all of your data in Zoho Desk.
Google Custom Search for your website: Zoho Sites has been integrated with
Google search engine that enables you to add a search box to your website in a
Zoho Creator Global Search option enables a user to search across the entire
application or specific forms and fields, thus saving time in locating data that you

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