Read search youtube history for more information.

Watch history. Search history. Comments. Clear all search history. Close …
Working… Pause search historySearch history isn't viewable when signed out.
As always, you can delete any videos that appear in your history. To view or
delete what you've previously searched for on YouTube, check out your search …
search youtube history
Watch history. Search history · Comments. Clear all watch history … Pause watch
history; Resume watch history. Watch history isn't viewable when signed out.
You can also clear your entire search history, remove individual search entries
from search suggestions, or pause your search history. A few things to consider:.
1. Go to your YouTube Watch History and click the search icon/button. 2. Type in
your search keyword. Voila!
Here's how to clean up your watch history—or stop collecting it. The watch and
search histories are only stored if you're signed into YouTube …
Knowing how to clear or delete your YouTube search history can change how
videos show up as recommendations and suggestions. Follow …
Just go to settings < history and privacy there u get the option.
Click the small "X" button next to "YouTube" in the Search History box and then
scroll through the list of sites until you reach the date that matches the one you …
You may also wish to delete your YouTube Viewing and Search History, which
can reveal particularly sensitive information about you, including …

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