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Xbox, the Microsoft video game, has three video game consoles i.e. Original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The first Xbox home video gaming console was launched in 2001, followed by the second in 2005 and the latest one in 2013. Xbox Live allows players to play the games online with an Internet connection. Reportedly, there are over 50 million users who use this feature to play Xbox games with other online players. 

Xbox Live comes with a unique Gamertag feature which is like a username for Xbox Live users. The Gamertag is associated with a user’s Microsoft account and can be changed as well. While playing online, players will be able to see each other’s Gamertag instead of a player’s real name. Each Gamertag has to be unique and no two players can have exactly the same Gamertag.

One can also search for his friends on Xbox Live and add them by knowing their exact Gamertags. However, Microsoft doesn’t offer any kind of lookup service to search for Gamertags. A user can’t find his own or anybody else’s Gamertag by using a real name, phone number or email address.

Search Xbox Live Gamertags to reveal their Xbox Gamerscore, recent Games,
Achievements, info and more. Create Xbox Gamercards to put on …Find out how to manage and update your Xbox gamertag and xbox gamertag When you first sign up for Xbox Live, the system allows you to create your own
unique gamertag or use a suggested gamertag. If you opted to …If you forgot your Xbox login email address, learn how to find your Microsoft …
Xbox Support can’t provide this information, even if you know your gamertag.Xbox Gamertag Availability Checker – Check the availability of an Xbox Gamertag
.Learn how to build and manage your Friends list using the Xbox Console … If you
search for the gamertag of a player who’s currently not your friend, your friends …Gamertag Nation is the place for Xbox stats, achievement guides, leaderboards,
videos … Get a gamer profile, track your stats and find some quick competition.With Looking for Group on Xbox Live, you can search for gamers with similar …
Customize your Gamertag, create your own Xbox Avatar, and bring together …Search any gamertag to view, share with friends, and download your recorded
Xbox clips to your desktop.Gamers use gamertags to represent themselves on Xbox Live. The names show
up in place of real names on friends lists, in online games and on achievement …

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