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The Santali search engine got its name from the main word ‘Santali’, which is a tribal folk dance of West Bengal. The search engine brings to the music lovers latest videos which contain a touch of traditional music. All the songs present in the videos of the Santali video search engine give the delight of traditional tune and show relation to a particular subject.

Santali Video Script
Santhali Video dance


The musical instruments which are used in the videos are also traditional. While searching for a video, the search engine may display results that are perfect for your interest. For filtering the videos, you may type one or more words. You can also type the name of the contributor to the video. Also, you can enter a comma-separated list for the user names.

Santali Script
Santali Script

Moreover, when you do not specify which field to search in the query string syntax, then the index.query.default_field can be used to obtain which field to search on.

At last, if you want to recall the bygone days of good music, then you should try the Santali search engine.



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