Read mageplaza support website for more information.

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In this KB Install Mageplaza SMTP Extension Activate Mageplaza SMTP … and
navigate to System > Tools via the sidebar and then click Web Setup Wizard. …
Mageplaza SMTP Extension supports multiple SMTP providers …
mageplaza support website
Magento 2 support service is a support package plays the role as the bodyguard
for your entire system. … We will take care your site 24/7 and emergency cases.
Also, the HTML sitemap will help users more easily search for information on
your site than only use Magento default.
g …
Therefore, it can be said that creating a helpful blog on the website is an … By
adapting Mageplaza Better Blog extension, store admin can create … Better Blog
module for Magento 2 supports 2 types of comments: Disqus …
This module is to supports online stores to comply those data privacy regulations.
… helps online stores which are directly affected by GDPR, Mageplaza is about …
Now you definitely can utilize this on Magento 2 for your eCommerce website
with the support of Mageplaza Instagram Feed module. The Instagram Feed …
Mageplaza SEO All-in-One will add schema structured data to Magento 2 store
automatically without configuration to help Search engines display your web …
Mageplaza is a real competitor of Magefan, especially when we are talking … we
provide a free extension, free support, free guides, "sing and dance", … 2019) we
found something really interesting on Mageplaza website.
**Instagram Feed Widget by Mageplaza **support store admin in updating trendy
eye-catching Instagram images on any specific pages on your store site.

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