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It's probably because you're missing the ACL for your route. You need to create
etc/acl.xml with the following content: <?xml version="1.0"?> <config …
Solved: Good morning, I want to create a simple custom module for my magento
2.1 I followed this article. …
magento2-1/ … But When I execute localhost/myshop/excellence/custom/index I
have 404 not found. … I did But now I have an empty page.
magento 2 custom module 404 error
Try this module.xml <?xml version="1.0"?> <config xmlns:xsi="
2001/XMLSchema-instance" …
in the block content on a custom frontend route. … Before we start a Magento 2
module development, there are two things people often …. Every page has a
layout hand and for our controller action the layout handle is … And that's why
you get 404 instead of Hello World, i change it to the correct namespace
I've been building a custom module for Magento 2 and faced with the … The ACL
rule for a custom page and finally, an Action Controller, … Then this file is
checked whether it exists and if not, the 404 action will be rendered.
The magento 2 system configuration page is divided logically in few parts: Tabs,
… The system.xml is located in etc/adminhtml folder of the module, we will ….
Note that, if you might get an Error 404 Page Not Found first time, just logout and
…. 2 create system configuration; magento 2 custom module system configuration
<?php namespace YourCompany\ModuleName\Controller\Index; class … Show
Contact Us page * * @return void */ public function execute() …
After Installing Magento 2 Extensions, you may get errors Magento 2 404 Error
Page Not Found. No worries, that is because of the permission in your current …
If you want to use the "Customer" folder that please use below:
Blazedream_Oauth_Customer <modules> <Blazedream_Oauth …
Magento 2 homepage 404 error is a common issue. There are several … be
found on github. Ready-to-paste package – …
Check this article for details – install magento 2 module using github …

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