Read magento 2.3 elasticsearch list indexes for more information.

There was one big announcement made during the Magento Imagine. The announcement stated that ElasticSearch support would be moved to Magento’s open-source version for the 2.3.0 release. 

elasticsearch list indexes

elasticsearch list indexes                                      

It is good that the release of Magento 2.3 has brought a new update. And that is its integration with ElasticSearch. Here, it is also important to know that indexing doesn’t have much effect on the customers until reindex is done.


Many of you may already know that ElasticSearch is a very powerful search engine. It increases the performance of the searches being done. Along with this, ElasticSearch also reduces the displayed list size.

elasticsearch list indexes                        

From the search engine list, you can select the right ElasticSearch version and then enter the ElasticSearch index prefix. This will help you to identify the Magento 2.3 ElasticSearch list indexes. So, now is the time to update your store with Magento 2.3.

Check out this link for further information: 

Elasticsearch is not quite a readymade solution. Building a search interface from Elasticsearch can be challenging. Hence it is not advisable to plunge into the solution. It takes expertise to successfully scale an Elasticsearch cluster and ensure that it functions seamlessly.

If you want a perfect replacement; you should try Expertrec (at $9 per month).


  • It is paid, unlike elastic search.
  • It is hosted on the cloud, and you cannot use it if you have sensitive data to search (same with google custom search).


  1. Quick integration, you can get a working search in 5 minutes.
  2. It is a turn-key solution, so you don’t need any developer bandwidth to use this.
  3. It supports multiple file types like pdf, word etc.

Here are steps to create your own custom search that has no search limits.

  1. Go to expertrec custom search engine.
  2. Enter your website URL.
  3. Enter your website sitemap URL (this ensures all your webpages are crawled correctly).
  4.  Wait for the crawl to complete.
  5. Code to the code section and add it to your website.
  6. Take live.

Magento 2.3.1 adds support for Elasticsearch 6.x, and it is enabled by default. …
From the Search Engine list, select the correct Elasticsearch version as the …
Elasticsearch Index Prefix, Enter the Elasticsearch index prefix. It has been announced during Magento Imagine that ElasticSearch support will
be moved in the open-source version of Magento for the 2.3.0 release, while … to
develop features like full-text search, faceting or product list sorting … … are
better than Magento ElasticSearch both for indexing and query.magento 2.3 elasticsearch list indexesMagento 2.3.1 Notice: Undefined index: color_bucket ….
questions/256157/magento-2-3-elastic-search-5-0-error-on-some-page. … You
may get this warning for another attribute after doing this change. Magento 2.3 release brought a valuable update – integration with Elasticsearch.
Indexing does not impact customers until reindex is completed at … We will
describe the pain points of Magento Elasticsearch and how we …Smile ElasticSuite – Magento 2 merchandising and search engine built on
ElasticSearchMagento 2.3.x Opensource (CE) / Commerce (EE), ElasticSuite
2.7.x latest release … In order to get a properly set up ElasticSearch server you
should read the … Indices alias name, magento2, The default alias put by the
module on …Elasticsearch is a powerful and highly scalable distributed search engine that is
… increases performance of searches and reduces the displayed list size. … In
the Elasticsearch Index Prefix field, enter a identify the Elasticsearch
index. {“0”:”Notice: Undefined index: manufacturer_bucket in … 23, Array)\n#1 \/var\/
www\/html\/pr\/app\/code\/Magento\/Elasticsearch\/SearchAdapter\/ …..
ElasticSearch is a new feature for Magento Open Source 2.3.0 and we …I have recently updated our store to Magento 2.3.1 it seems to work fine but when
we run it with Elastic search we get an error: field data is … Preconditions (*) Magento 2.3.1 Elasticsearch 6.7.1 Steps to reproduce … \Model\
DataProvider\Suggestions->addSuggestFields(array(‘index‘ …… Undefined index: belastbarkeit_bucket in /var/www/public/vendor/magento/ …
Please check the ElasticSearch logs, as in my case after checking the … In
layernavigation, only multiple, select or price attributes can be used.

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