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You can do it the way the jQuery team does it in their unit tests – see this …. An
example how to setup select triggering at pressing of horizontal …
This is currently implemented using an autocomplete. … Can we update the label
and value programmatically on the autocomplete? … bring them up as the
currently-selected option by changing the (HTML) value of the input …
jquery autocomplete select item programmatically
As in the comment above: You can trigger a click on the first menu item:
Description: Autocomplete enables users to quickly find and select from a … This
widget manipulates its element's value programmatically, therefore a native …
Looking in misc/autocomplete.js , there's a function called … @param $field * This
is a jQuery field reference — e.g. $('#my-input-field') * @param … var new_value =
contact_name; $f.val(new_value).trigger('select'); blur …
We need a drop down combobox thingy to list these items, that the user… … Next,
you try to programmatically select the right option, based on a …
jQuery autocomplete force selection – display list on focus using minLength = 0 …
In this example we created a drop down <SELECT> list by setting the …
compares the input text value to the list data for a match, otherwise just blanks out
the field. …. listener example · Android programmatically update application when
a new …
… after being set programatically of Kendo UI for jQuery AutoComplete. … value
of the second autoComplete is saved if I actually select a value.
select. Fired when an item from the suggestion popup is selected by the user.
Important: The event is not fired when an item is selected programmatically.
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Select first item automatically of Kendo UI for jQuery AutoComplete. New here?

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