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Read jquery autocomplete select input value for more information.

I solved my problem with this : select: function(event, ui){ if (ui.item && ui.item.
value){ titleinput = ui.item.value; ui.item.value= $.trim(titleinput); } }.
Any field that can receive input can be converted into an Autocomplete, namely,
… This can be used to choose previously selected values, such as entering tags …
jquery autocomplete select input value
When autocomplete changes a value, it fires a autocompletechange …. /1.11.2/
jquery-ui.min.js"></script> Type a fruit here: <input type="text" …
The autocomplete (options) method declares that an HTML <input> element must
be managed … A value must be provided or the autocomplete widget won't be
created. … <meta charset = "utf-8"> <title>jQuery UI Autocomplete functionality</
title> <link href …… This example demonstrates the use of events focus, and
How to change textbox value on select event with autocomplete (jQuery UI) …
preventDefault() stops autocomplete setting the field. select: function (event, ui) …
If you just want to substitute the selected value for something else: select: … Is it #
input-mybox (lowercase b) or #input-myBox (uppercase b) ?
Enables users to quickly find and select from a pre-populated list of values as …
The Autocomplete widgets provides suggestions while you type into the field.
This is currently implemented using an autocomplete. … I understand that we can
indeed set the input value as such, but with the label I … as the currently-selected
option by changing the (HTML) value of the input field with a …
jQuery Autocomplete allows you to easily create autocomplete and … suggestion
: An object literal with the following format: { value: 'string', data: any } . … Set to
true to leave the cursor in the input field after the user tabs to select a suggestion.
Selectize is the hybrid of a textbox and <select> box. … example is instantiated
from a <input type="text"> element (note that the value is represented as a string).
Drupal 7 and 8 provide jQuery autocomplete event generation without any … the
current input. terms.pop(); // Add the selected item. if (ui.item.value.search(',') > …

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