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Autofocus will highlight the first record. … $('#txt_search_city').autocomplete({
source: url, delay: 0, autoFocus: true, select: function( event, ui ) { $( "#id_city" ).
val( ); … Just use .autocomplete({autoFocus: true}) I'm using jquery-ui-
1.10.0.min … The user must press enter to confirm the autocomplete.
Disable the "enter" button altogether and ensure that the user selects an item
for the autocomplete plugin that automatically selects the first item. …. In this it
check for the selectFirst option in current jquery-ui an Return False …
jquery autocomplete select first item on enter key
… from Google maps Places API V3 autocompleteselect first option on enter: …
plugin ( and then attach the event:
Keyboard interaction. When the menu is open, the following key commands are
available: … If on the input, move focus to the first item. ESCAPE : Close the menu
. ENTER : Select the currently focused item and close the menu. TAB : Select the
selected in the typeahead on search so a press of the enter key will go … use
this, and jQuery UI autocomplete has this as an option as well.
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Select first item automatically of Kendo UI for jQuery AutoComplete. New here?
How do you respond to a user pressing the Enter key when the search key is
incomplete. … Then Enter will pick this item if user have not changed selection. …
that you already know it wont exist, so you should pick the first element. … only by
using the autocomplete field and actually selecting an element.
Selected item id on keypress event of jquery autocomplete … data, ui) { if (e.which
== 13) { //selected memberid when pressing enter key //self.
To select an autocomplete option we type in autocomplete field and the list of
options appears in Drop-down to select particular option if we …
Allow AutoComplete to select first item from result on a specific key press … Tab
key (or another key of your choice, e.g. Enter or Space) the first item in the list is …

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