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.uiautocomplete { max-height: 600px; overflow-y: auto; /* prevent horizontal …
add padding to account for vertical scrollbar */ z-index:1000 !important; } … At
some point this has changed again, as of jQueryUI 1.12.1 the class … I love this component but
one problems i met that if i has very long long select>option i …
jquery autocomplete combobox scrollbar
Scrollable jQuery UI Autocomplete Plugin for long items list.
Hello, it seems that if you try to have a scrollbar (with css max-height, overflow)
on the Autocomplete Combox, IE's scrollbar can't be used.
Jquery Autocomplete Combo with Scrollable ResultsWhoever is in search of a
basic business class combo box with autocomplete option might …

Take the example for an autocomplete combobox (​
/demos/autocomplete/combobox.html) and everything works. Now add the …
How jQuery-based AutoComplete widget works, view demo source code of
Kendo UI AutoComplete.
Autocomplete is supposed to support setting a height/max-height in CSS, but in …
jquery.ui.autocomplete.scroll.js is a jQuery extension for the jQuery UI
autocomplete widget that makes the suggestion list scrollable and allows …
jQuery Plugin for Adding Custom Value to Dropdown List – Custom Combo Box.

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