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I have created a jquery autocomplete combobox, FiddleDemo. It works with IE 9
and IE10, but not in IE 8 and below. … Yours work fine.
Autocomplete combobox is not working in IE if value and name is different … The
combobox is not working in IE8 if the value is different with the name displayed in
the dropdown. … Check out here: ​ …
jquery autocomplete combobox not working in ie
In IE the line items are crammed together and text is not a all visible. ….. Good
documentation: … Worked
like a charm. … addClass("custom-combobox-input ui-widget ui-widget-content ui
-state-default ui-corner-left") .autocomplete({ delay: 0, minLength: 0, …
If found out that Internet Explorer handles autocomplete focus event differently
that other browsers; essentially IE performs the event …
I have same problem. I filtered problem to _scrollIntoView in (
Autocomplete uses _scrollIntoView: function (item) …
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ComboBox scrollbar does not work with IE 9 of Kendo UI for jQuery ComboBox.
Enjoy our collection of 10 of the best autocomplete jQuery plugins for …
Compatible with jQuery 1.7.0+ in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Internet
Explorer 7+. … to use autocomplete component combobox built for bootstrap
themes. … a significant addition to your codebase, and that's enjoyable to work
If jQuery is not included, or is included after the Kendo UI JavaScript files, or is …
Widgets Cannot Be Initialized in Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode …. e.g.
AutoComplete, ColorPicker, ComboBox, DropDownList, DateTimePicker, Editor,
(#6227, f4d8ec9); Fixed: Null ui.item on change event in IE8. (#6709, eac910f);
Fixed: Combobox is not working in IE if value and name is …
NET AJAX ComboBox. … In IE dropdown box displaying properly. … I am
experiencing the same problems with RadComboBox and Chrome …. For me the
problem was using the incorrect version of jQuery with Kendo UI.

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