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.uiautocomplete { max-height: 600px; overflow-y: auto; /* prevent horizontal … At
some point this has changed again, as of jQueryUI 1.12.1 the …
Hi there Newbie question. Is there a way to set the height of the dropdown list on
the Autocomplete widget? I've tried altering the CSS – this …
jquery autocomplete combobox height
Try to give the .uiautocomplete a height. For example: .uiautocomplete {
overflow: auto; height: 300px; }. See your updated Fiddle: … I love this component … .ui
autocomplete { max-height: 350px; overflow-y: auto; /* prevent …
In this article you can see how to configure the height property of the Kendo UI
Scrollable jQuery UI Autocomplete Plugin for long items list. … CSS max-height ,
overflow-y and padding-right can make scrollable list easy. But that is not …

Autocomplete combobox button has smaller height than input field … Bug can be
seen in current version of jQuery UI (1.8.18) online demo:.
This jQuery plugin will provide you an accessible autocomplete list. … .js-
combobox[type=text]::-ms-clear { display: none; width: 0; height: 0; } …
Try; Try … .uiautocomplete { max-
height: 100px; overflow-y: auto; /* prevent horizontal scrollbar …

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