Read how to use tax_query in wordpress for more information.

The first is to find out what type of request WordPress is currently dealing with.
The $is_* properties are designed to hold this information: use the Conditional …
The tax_query parameter is an array of arrays, not just an array. This: 'tax_query'
=> array( 'taxonomy' => 'video_type', 'terms' => 'episode', …
how to use tax_query in wordpress
In this WordPress Custom Query tutorial we are going to be learning how to use
tax_query to query your posts via either default or custom …
Read up on Taxonomy Parameters. The tax_query parameter is a multi-
dimensional array. You need to wrap it with another array: <?php $args …
If you use 'relation' => 'AND' , WordPress will fetch the posts specified in …. and
tags, as you need to get to grips with the tax_query argument.
Third part of our WordPress Query classes series. … The WP_Query class
retrieves taxonomy-related data using the tax_query parameter, …
Hi,. I am trying to display featured events alongside featured posts on one page.
The events are maintained using the “events manager” plugin. To flag posts or …
Create custom Tax Queries using WP_Tax_Query class. … Use this tool to create
custom code for WordPress Tax Query with WP_Tax_Query class. Usage.
Add the following code to the functions.php file of your WordPress theme. … can
use to filter search results using tax_query for custom results.
The most appropriate use for get_posts is to create an array of posts based on a
…. posts tagged with 'jazz', under 'genre' custom taxonomy, using 'tax_query':

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