Read how to use insert query in wordpress for more information.

I figured out my error in the query, Thank you all guys for responding, I just gave
the piece of code … Search more and use the format.
up vote 16 down vote. Just use wpdb->insert(tablename, coloumn, format) and
wp will prepare that's query <?php global $wpdb … $datesent)"; $wpdb->query($
sql);. Read
how to use insert query in wordpress
By default, $wpdb is instantiated to talk to the WordPress database. To access $
wpdb in … To retrieve an entire row from a query, use get_row . …. If you pass an
array (or object) as a value to be inserted you will generate a warning similar to …
$wpdb->query("INSERT INTO wp_email_subscription (name, email, date) …
otherwise if you were inserting values to default WordPress tables …
When you're running queries you should always use this class to … The are
specific wordpress wpdb functions for an insert or update sql.
Then you should learn how you can use SQL queries in WordPress right …. the
name of the table to insert data into; the data to insert (column …
(array) (Required) Data to insert (in column => value pairs). Both $data columns
and $data values should be "raw" (neither should be SQL …
Do Not Hardcode Table Names into the SQL Query … However, this snippet can
be improved further by using the insert method instead.
While many functions you already use in WordPress communicate with the
database … by Justin Vincent,\_`$wpdb`will allow you to address queries to any
table in your … To perform an insert, we can use the insert method:.
WordPress database queries – how to do them with prepare() … If you would like
to insert new data into your table use the insert() method and …

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