Google indexes the entire web and if you want to show a search box in your blog or website, you can easily do it.  Following the simple steps below.

1 Go to Google CSE and sign up with your google account.

2 Select add  

3 Enter your website, choose from 38 languages and give it a name. Click create.




4 You will get a confirmation message

5 Change the Look And Feel

6 Add any Synonyms that are your domain specific.

7 Receive code

Paste the code on to your website and you are live !

Before you relax, just wanted to remind you that you will be seeing ads in your search page.  There were so many ads that my website results didn’t come in the first fold.  Only Ads 🙁 .  Other than just being annoying to my customers,  the ads could be very dangerous too.  For example, when I signed up for our website, the ads were from my competitors.  I would certainly not want to loose my customers from my page to a competitor.

For an ad free search – try out our google custom search engine replacement for as low as 9$ per month.

Ad free CSE – Signup

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