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Ok this isn't a complete answer, but your reference to Google's API got me
interested (hadn't heard of it before – and as you said, Linux is not …
This guide looks at voice recognition software within Linux and … VoiceNote II is
a Chrome App which uses the Google Voice recognition API.
google voice search linux
Install Google Voice and Video Chat Plugin in Linux Mint 16 "petra" Website : …
How to Voice Type in Linux: I noticed that Google Docs now have Speech … Sign
In button in the top right hand corner of the Google search engine and click it.
Google's desktop browser still offers voice search, but you can no longer … a
search with your voice on Windows, Mac and Linux systems.
Yes its possible. For this you have use Google Chrome browser and keep
Google as your default search engine, then you can use voice …
As of the early 2000s, several speech recognition (SR) software packages exist
for Linux. Some of them are free and open-source software and others are …
Overview. Google's Linux software packages will automatically configure the
repository settings necessary to keep your Google Linux applications up-to-date.
I understand Pidgin and other open source clients may work.
Google has released Chrome 46 to Windows, Mac and Linux users and …
Google" voice action to trigger Google to listen to your voice search.

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