Read google custom search pricing for more information.

Custom Search JSON API can return results in JSON data format. … Pricing.
Custom Search JSON API provides 100 search queries per day for …
Assume you are talking about Custom Search Engine (terms you noted in your Q)
and NOT Google Site Search (paid from the start).
google custom search pricing
Google Custom Search enables you to create a search engine for your … from
your search engine by using your Google AdSense account.
When many people think about search, they think about Google, so it's only
natural that Google's Custom Search Engine (CSE) solution is a …
Replace your Google site search or custom search with expertrec search engine.
Here are our site search pricing plans that you can choose …
Pricing details for Bing Custom Search pricing. … An easy-to-use, ad-free,
commercial-grade search tool that lets you deliver the results you want. No
upfront …
Google Site Search (GSS) was shut down by Ap, and all GSS have
been automatically converted to Custom Search Engine (CSE). Custom Search …
Sign in to Custom Search Engine. With Google Custom Search, add a search box
to your homepage to help people find what they need on your website.
We are going to start with Google Custom Search Engine because it is fairly easy
to transfer from Google Site Search to Google Custom Search …
Swiftype site search pricing information for businesses. … Mission-critical search.
Custom Pricing … Migrate from Google Site Search to Swiftype Site Search.

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