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We are going to start with Google Custom Search Engine because it is … engine
with a number of great options and a robust developer API.
Yes, Google Custom Search has now replaced the old Search API, but you can
still use Google Custom Search to search the entire web, …
google custom search api alternative
Cludo is a flexible alternative to Google Custom Search, making it easy for …
publication and crawling, and instant manual updates possible via push API.
Once you've used up the remaining allowance of your GSS plan, it will
automatically roll over into a Google Custom Search account.
Popular Alternatives to Google Custom Search Engine for Web, Windows, Mac,
Linux, iPhone and … Full text search Indexed search REST API Add a feature.
Looking for an alternative to Google Custom Search? … Add lightning fast,
accurate and customizable Site Search engine with a Search API to your website.
What are the alternatives to custom search besides Google CSE, Y! BOSS, …
Hosted Search API (Example: Algolia) – You'll need a developer.
Google has discontinued the sale and renewal of Google Site Search. Use the
Custom Search API as a replacement to avoid disruption on …
Paid Google site search alternatives– * Expertrec (9$) * Bing custom search (4$
per 1000 transactions ) * Elastic search (56$) * Amazon cloud …
Google Custom Search is one option, but it has a limit of 10,000 queries per day
and … Note the link on that page to "Bing API FAQ" — is broken.

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