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If you do not use the FamilySearch website anymore and you are thinking of deleting your account permanently, then you may have to follow a simple step. All you need to do is send a simple removal request by email to the support team of FamilySearch.


How to Delete FamilySearch Account and Data

The email address of FamilySearch can be obtained from the privacy policy of their website. The email address is

You can keep the subject line something as – Request to close my account.

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In the body of the mail you need to mention the following 3 things:

#Information about the account that you want to delete: Here you can state your username and email address that is associated with your account.

#State the reason for the removal: For instance, ‘I am not able to use it anymore’, etc.

#And finally: You need to send this mail from the email associated with your account on FamilySearch.

Response from the support team can be expected in half an hour or so. Family Search Konto Löschen will require you to reply to the mail sent by the team. You just need to confirm the closing of your account by typing your username.

Once this is done, your account and data will be removed from all their database.

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