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While the freedom and abject minimalism of an empty search box provides a
platform of discovery for Googlers, in the realm of e-commerce …
Product filters increase conversion. Deliver a better shopping experience with
improved search relevance.
ecommerce faceted search
Filters and faceted navigation both reduce large masses of content to a … Basic
search filters like the tabs on can help users narrow …
Facet categories are indexed because they help to specify product …. Google:
Decoding the World's Largest E-commerce Search Engine.
Faceted search can be a great tool for eCommerce stores, but it has the potential
to get out of hand. Here's how to use it without ruining your …
The most important numeric facet on any e-commerce … With this approach to
faceted navigation, it is possible to render search …
It might be easier to start with what is NOT a faceted search. The original way to
create catalogs was with parent / child pairs. But that isn't always useful.
Increase Your eCommerce by Adding CDS Faceted Search to your 3rd Party
eCommerce Systems (Magento, MODX, WordPress, etc). Contact Catalog Data …
Actinic is the first Cloud based Ecommerce solution to offer, ready-to-use, faceted
search, that directs customers to the exact variation of the product your …
For others, faceted navigation and search is a must. … Faceted search is critical,
especially for large catalogs. It saves shoppers … In the early days of ecommerce,
merchants relied primarily on product descriptions. That was …

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