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This module alters the default search box in many ways. … search block like it did
with D6/7, it provides its own block(s) (like the Custom Search …
You're implementing hook_form_FORM_ID_alter() , to which you're providing
search_form as the ID – if you look at the markup for the form you …
custom search form drupal 7
The BLOCK Search Form is the search form available through … Drupal 7. Add
the following code snippet to template.php in your theme and …
To design the search block form you can override the existing search-block-form.
tpl.php in the theme's template folder.
Implement hook_block() , set up a custom submit handler in your form using $
form['#submit'] , and in your custom submit handler, set …
Here is the code to be used in the theme's template.php file that will override
Drupal's search form. If no template.php is available, just go ahead …
For text fields the value attribute is forcibly added in theme_textfield() , so the only
way would be to override that function in your theme and …
How to customize the Drupal search form on your Drupal 7 site. Uses
hook_form_alter() with some sample form characteristics.
Drupal custom search. … In this article I show you how to use views and
views_fastsearch to make customized search forms that fit your exact …
The search block form is actually not using this template. … Have you flushed all
caches after you placed new TPL file with your custom token?

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