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XDCC stands for Extended Direct Client-to-Client, is a protocol and an extension of the DCC protocol mostly used in IRC that allows users to exchange files. It is just made for you if you love downloading new content from the Internet.


How XDCC Works?

IRC has the potential of spreading a network involving thousands of servers. Each of these servers does the work of hosting several chat rooms. Some of these chat rooms can allow file sharing and downloading. It is to be kept in mind that there are bots present in these chat rooms that open way for quick download.

A curious user can directly send a message to the bot asking for a particular file. However, the most tedious task is to find a bot that has the files you may be looking for. This is because most search engines will not show up the sources in the search outcomes.

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Thankfully, some search engines like will make you equipped with an IRC channel, network, and name of the bot. Even the identity number of the file is revealed. You can now utilize that particular information to connect to the channel through IRC client and finally ask for a file from the bot.




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