Custom search template wordpress

Custom search template wordpress

Expertrec wordpress search plugin helps you build your own custom search engine for wordpress. Expertrec also adds a default custom search template to wordpress.  We will see how to edit this template using expertrec’s control panel. Here are steps to create your own Custom search template in wordpress- Create your Read more…

PDF search command

To search for PDFs, you have to append filetype:PDF to the search query. You can use the following command to search for PDFs in google.

Here is a sample search query for PDFs containing the term Donald Trump.


google pdf search

How to create a google PDF search engine

Here are steps to create a google PDF search engine Go to Create a google custom search engine Enable search the entire web to ON. Go to search features-> Advanced -> Websearch settings- Under query addition, enter AND filetype:PDF This will enable the google custom search to search only PDFs.