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Algolia for Magento 2. As-You-Type Autocomplete and Instant Search Results
Page, … Product search you can integrate into your Magento store in minutes.
Algolia Search integration for Magento 2 – compatible with versions from 2.1.x to
… Try the auto-complete and the instant search results page on our live demo.
algolia search magento 2 demo
Algolia Instant Search extension is free, but you do need an Algolia account to
use the … Try our Live Demo: …
composer require algolia/algoliasearchmagento2 php bin/magento module:
enable Algolia_AlgoliaSearch php bin/magento setup:upgrade php bin/magento
Requires. algolia/algoliasearch-client-php >=1.10.2 <2.0; ext-dom *; ext-json *;
ext-mbstring *; ext-pdo *; magento/framework ~100.1|~101.0|~102.0; php …
Power your Magento store search with Algolia search engine. Discover
possibilities of lighting-fast autocomplete menu, typo-tolerant search and instant
search …
Magento advanced search brings updates in autocomplete, InstantSearch, …
Today we're releasing our search extension for Magento to the growing Magento
2 community, … You can also try a demo with our extension here.
The video starts with a quick presentation of the Algolia Instant Search Magento
extension – See how to install the extension at 3'30" – See how …
A few things I have checked in the Algolia search config in Magento: … I am using
the EM Themes everything store template demo at …
php: ~5.6.5|~7.0|~7.1|~7.2|~7.3; magento/framework: ~100.1|~101.0|~102.0;
algolia/algoliasearch-client-php: >=1.27.0 <2.0; ext-json: …

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