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For the movie lovers, Rottem Tomatoes is a great platform to know about the different film reviews from the web and finally classifying the good and the bad reviews. Also, there is Flickmetrix which combines all the various ratings from the web and opens a way for you to search for the best movies on the Amazon, Netflix, and in the cinemas.

Rotten Tomatoes        

But, advanced search Rotten Tomatoes has not taken any real shape as of now. Instead of this, you may have to try the IMDB advanced title search. 

Talking about the Tomatometer which usually shows the rankings of the top 100 good movies of 2019 and of all the other times. You can also obtain the lists which show the good movies released recently or the various award winners.

Rotten Tomatoes Black Panther              

You must also know that Netflix has a catalogue that is organized by using genre, searchable by using a title, cast member, or the director. It is sortable by IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and the Netflix scores. You can easily use more advanced options to look for films with the Rotten Tomatoes ratings or those of IMDB. 

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